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Video Inspection

Sewer line camera inspections are an excellent way to accurately identify the cause of drain line problems, locate the issue and determine what type of service is required to clean the line and prevent it from occurring again.

Be cautious though, because dishonest drain cleaning technicians from major companies have been known to use camera inspections to scare their customers.

What looks terrible on camera might not be all that bad in reality, and could be easily fixed with a simple line cleaning, so when your technician proposes swapping out that minor service for a major one, be sure to give me a call for a second opinion.

Sewer Line Video Inspection Rates

 Camera Work

    • $250
    • Video camera inspection of sewer line
    • Access from 2″ or 4″ sewer vents or 4″ sewer clean-out to city
    • Digital copy of video inspection provided on thumb drive
    • Detailed written report provided on invoice
    • We will locate one bad spot in the line

The video below shows a video inspection before and after a hydro jetting service: