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Hydro Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a service which cleans 4″ – 6″ sewer lines with high pressure water, using up to 3,000 PSI to remove obstructions from the line.

This service is typically used to clean sewer lines at restaurants, long-sewer lines and sewer lines with lots of root intrusion or other debris.

Hydro Jetting is extremely powerful, capable of removing a great deal of roots and debris from the sewer line, and typically preventing problems in the line for much longer than a traditional cable cleaning.

In fact, I have hydro jetting customers who used to need to cable their lines multiple times a year, but have gone more than two years without having any problems after hydro jetting their lines.

I’m so confidant that hydro jetting will work that I offer a 1 year warranty with every job.

Hydro Jetting Camera Inspections

If you want to be completely certain that your sewer line is crystal clear, I also offer a video inspection package that includes viewing your sewer line from the inside before I hydro jet it, to verify that hydro jetting will help, then re-inspecting the sewer line after I hydro jet it to confirm that the line is completely clear.

Below is a video demonstrating my hydro jetting service:

 Hydro Jetting Service Rates

4″ – 6″ Sewer Lines:

  • $500 for 2 hours of hydro jetting
  • $200 per additional hour
  • $250 for video camera inspection before and after jetting the line

Please note that not all lines will require hydro jetting. Some can be cleaned using the traditional cable method, which costs substantially less.

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