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Drain Cleaning

When your drain is plugged up, whether it’s the kitchen sink, laundry, shower, bathtub, bathroom sink, bathroom toilet or the main sewer line, please give me a call.

Unlike other drain cleaning companies in Orange County, I only suggest doing what needs to be done.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on expensive, unnecessary repairs, be sure to call me for a second opinion.

I’m a one-man shop – I will answer the phone, arrive at your house on-time, and take care of your problem.

Drain Cleaning Service Rates

2″ Drain Lines:

  • $125
  • Includes Kitchen Sinks, Laundry Lines, Bathroom Sinks, Bathtubs, Showers

I’ll clean these types of drains from the drain itself, a nearby cleanout, or your roof vent. Please note that many large drain cleaning companies will charge more for using the roof vent.

Additional Drains:

  • $75

If I am already cleaning one of your drains at your home, I’ll only charge $75 to do a second one (please note that this reduced pricing only applies to 2″ Drain Lines). For example, if I clean your kitchen sink for $125, I would only charge an additional $75 to clean the bathroom drain.

3-4″ Main Sewer Lines:

  • Up to 100 feet of cable used
  • $150 from a cleanout
  • $200 from a roof vent (single story)
  • $300 from a roof vent (two story, two-man job)

Cleaning the main line is significantly more complicated than a 2″ drain line, and if I have to access it via the roof vent on a two story house, it will require two technicians (myself and an assistant), which is why it costs more.

Toilet Stoppages Only:

  • $90 to clear toilet

Cleaning a toilet typically does not require pulling and resetting the toilet. However, to remove an object from the toilet, the toilet may need to be pulled, and if this has to be done, there will be an additional fee of $75 on top of the original $90. When I reset the toilet, I will reset it with a new wax seal and new bolts.

Area Drains & Patio Drains:

  • $175-$200 per hour

Area drains and patio drains are different from the drains installed inside your house, as they are often designed and constructed with the following problems – non-code pipe, non-glued fittings, and T’s in the line versus sweeps for turns. Also, area drains and patio drains are usually not properly attended to (cleaned regularly) and many times are damaged by root growth. Accordingly, these drains are more prone to serious problems, so the amount of time it takes to fix them will vary. After the first hour I will let you know how long it will take to solve your problem.

Common Issues With Area Drains

  1. Generally not code pipe. Meaning not ABS Schedule 40 sewer pipe
  2. Generally not glued fittings or pipe connections
  3. Generally “T” fittings, rather than sweep fittings
  4. Usually very poorly designed and laid out, with flat, poorly graded designs, not falling on their way to the curb, bellies in the drain line , strange “T” fittings and no forethought to cleaning the line
  5. Generally installed by landscapers, who are not professionals, like drain cleaning companies
  6. Sometimes not maintained
  7. We charge an hourly rate. Cable or hydrojet
  8. We will do the best of our ability and give you information if we are unable to clean your area drains (i.e. pointing out damaged reas, etc.)
  9. We are professional and want to do the job correctly
  10. We have been doing this since 1983

* Please note that prices apply to local service area. Call me for a quote for further locations.