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About Me

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA. I proudly served in the United States Navy from 1965 – 1969 on the new class Destroyer USS Bigelow (DD-942).

I was in the Caribbean Sea and Guantanamo Bay in 1966, then the South China Seas and Vietnam in 1967, and the Mediterranean Sea and Europe in 1968.

I attended college and received a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology in 1978.

I taught Special Education, then co-founded and ran the List Foundation with Wayne Saar, who is still a great friend of mine. The List Foundation was a program in Long Beach that offered services to developmentally disabled adults, and which was open from 1978 – 1983.

In the early 1980’s, when interest rates skyrocketed to 22%, the State of California and Regional Center began cutting funding for programs like ours. Rather than reducing the quality of service, we chose to discontinue the program.

I then worked for Roto-Rooter from 1983 to 2007, and have run my own drain cleaning company since 2007.

I have one daughter, Ara, who runs an in-home, licensed child-care center in Norco, CA called “Ara’s Angels”, which offers a farm-based daycare program featuring animals and a great educational environment. She is married to my son in law, Tim, an Eagle Scout, who has a great job in Irvine, and yes, I like him. He produced this website for me.

I live in Costa Mesa with my wife, Jeanne, who recently retired from being a waitress at Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant after 40 years. She enjoys sewing, crafting, and travelling, and she adores our great Pug, Ricky.