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My Philosophy


Honesty is what separates Old School Rooter from the big drain cleaning companies. I do just what needs to be done. No "upsales".


I will answer the phone and solve your drain problem, plus guarantee my work.


My rates are fair and I won't recommend services or products that you don't need.

The Old School Rooter Approach

My name is Craig Marshall and I worked for a major drain cleaning-rooter company in Orange County from 1983 to 2007.

I have run my own company since 2007, offering the same services and using the same quality equipment, but providing a more honest, reliable and affordable service.

My rates are typically 50% less than the major Orange County drain cleaning companies. You can find my price sheet here.

My Belief on Sewer Line Repair is the Following

Most often, there is one, maybe two, bad spots in the sewer line. I recommend three approaches:

  1. Cable (clean) the sewer line 1-2 times per year
  2. Repair the spot or spots which are damaged
  3. Camera the sewer line, and if there are lots of roots/debris, then Hydro Jet the sewer line and re-run the camera down it to verify that the line is clean and free of roots/debris

Most often, large drain cleaning companies will not approach minor problems like this! Instead, they will pitch a major sell, proposing to install a sewer liner down your entire line.

Sewer liners cost approximately $100 per foot, and the typical sewer lining from a house to the middle of the street is about 80 to 90 feet, making the total cost $8,000 – $9,000, or more.

This is far more money than you need to spend, and far more money than anyone in the industry would ever spend on their own line.

I recommend saving your money by taking one of the three approaches above instead, and leaving the good sections of the sewer line alone.

My experience in drain cleaning since 1983 has lead me to believe that nothing more than regular maintenance is necessary for most sewer lines, even when camera inspections appear to show major problems.

Something To Note – The servicemen working for large drain cleaning/rooter companies, and plumbing companies are paid a small commission on each job, so they are motivated to sell the customer expensive services.

Please keep this simple fact in mind the next time you have a problem with your sewer line, and when you get pitched a $10,000 liner, be sure to call me for a second opinion.

If you do choose to line your sewer line, I can refer you to a trusted company who is licensed and bonded, who specializes in sewer liners, and who charges 45% less than the brand-name rooter-plumbing companies.


Why Choose Old School Rooter?

I'm Honest

I won’t try to “up-sell” you a more expensive service than you need. Competing drain companies pay their technicians a very small commission, encouraging them to overcharge customers. Unlike them, I answer all calls myself, schedule my own appointments, and only charge you for the services you actually need 

I'm Reliable

When you call for service, I’ll answer the phone. If I don’t, you can expect a call back in just a few minutes. I show up to my appointments on time, analyze your problem, and do only what’s necessary.

I'm Affordable

My rates are typically 50% less than competing drain cleaning or plumbing companies in Orange County. No matter how big your problem might be, I’ll come up with an affordable solution for it and ensure you don’t end up paying for anything you don’t absolutely need.

I'm Experienced

I’ve been cleaning drains since 1983 and I have first-hand experience with a wide variety of different problems. Again, I’m going to do only what needs to be done to take care of your problem.

Don't Get Taken

My competitors approach is a major sell, but I believe in performing only what's necessary to fix your problem. The next time a competing company proposes hundreds to thousands of dollars for a major drain cleaning service, please call me for a second opinion.

Craig Marshall, Old School Rooter